Clemson University Women's Commission - A Retrospective
As an Undergraduate Assistant for the Clemson University Women's Commission, Cindy researched and organized ten years worth of Women's Commission records and accomplishments.
As Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator for the TransAction Team at Keller Williams, Cindy created ad copy, brochuresnewsletters and other marketing pieces.

After having been selected by the Southern States Communication Association (SSCA) to present her Senior Thesis at the Theodore Clevenger Honors Conference, Cindy went on to have it accepted for publication for
Fall, 2008 in the Professional Journal Women's Studies in Communication:
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Professional Speaking and Writing
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Student News
Cindy Burke's Communication Studies senior thesis, "Framing, Gendered Mediation and Male Metaphor in Internet News Articles” has been accepted to be presented at the prestigious Theodore Clevenger Undergraduate Honors Conference being held in conjunction with the 2007 Southern States Speech Association Conference in April. Dr. Sharon R. Mazzarella served as Cindy's thesis adviser, with statistical guidance provided by Dr. Bryan Denham. Also, Cindy has been selected as this year's recipient of the university's Outstanding Women Award--Undergraduate Student Category and will be honored along with the other award winners at a ceremony on March 13, 2007.
Burke, C., & Mazzarella, S. R. “A slightly new shade of lipstick”: Gendered mediation in Internet news stories. 
Women’s Studies in Communication. (Fall 2008).
                  Anderson Independent Mail, E.W. Scripps News Services
​“Clemson promotes diversity with variety of programs”
Cindy Burke, Anderson Independent Mail, Nov 23, 2010

Let's Do Lunch: Tavern 101
By Cindy Burke
Thursday, July 30, 2009 
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